Monday, January 16, 2017

The Power of One

We watched Curtis Martin's talk twice with our children. I often think we can fall into the trap that happiness and fulfillment are out "THERE". It can't certainly be within the walls of our homes with "just" our husband and "just" our children, especially little children. I mean you have your college degree, right?  I have never understood this because my parents elevated the calling of marriage and motherhood to such a level that nothing compared to it.  I mean WOW!  Raising little ones for heaven.  Being John's helpmate, friend, his only lover, companion, and supporter.  What an assignment!  I am the ONLY person that can fulfill those things.  I am their ONLY mother.  I am John's ONLY wife.  No one can do what I've been given to do.  Isn't that wonderful to think about!  I always say to my friends when they tell me they are expecting a new baby, "You've been promoted.  A whole new person!"  

I acknowledge the value of work and education.  I love education.  I read books on education, but if our education doesn't reflect back on Christ and teach us more about Him, it is worthless.  This business of raising little ones for heaven is supreme and beautiful.  The voices that you might hear that say you are wasting your life and time are not from God.

What I loved most about this talk is how he visually shows the power of ONE.  Please take the time to watch and BE THAT ONE.  Invest in your family.  Jesus focused specifically on the twelve apostles.  He didn't initially have one million apostles.  He had twelve.  He was preparing them to go out into the world and make disciples of all nations.  The ripple effect of your devotion and care will be beautiful for generations to come well beyond the years we live on this earth.


  1. Amen. (And what a beautiful reflection on all the unseen ripples of FOCUS across the past 2 decades, in the thousands of households headed by marriages whose roots can be traced back there, or whose religious vocations bloomed years later.)